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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture by Jeff Cross in in Abergavenny, Monmouth & Lydney

Traditional acupuncture is a comprehensive medical system which is over two thousand years old. It is based on a model of good health and function where pain and illness are indications that the body is out of balance. Acupuncture treatment is focused on returning the body to equilibrium.
One of the great strengths of traditional acupuncture is that the physical, emotional and mental health of a person are seen as interdependent and a holistic approach to cause and treatment is taken.
Traditional acupuncturists are trained to use diagnostic techniques that have been developed and refined for centuries. The focus is on the individual, not their illness, and all the symptoms are seen in relation to each other. Each patient is unique; two people with the same western diagnosis may well receive different acupuncture treatments. The underlying principle of treatment is that illness and pain occur when the body’s Qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. There can be many reasons for this: emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, infection or injury are among the most common. By inserting very fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, a traditional acupuncturist seeks to re-establish the free flow of Qi to restore balance and trigger the body’s natural healing response.

Can Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture is perhaps best known in this country for musculoskeletal problems such as bad backs, frozen shoulders and sciatic pain but acupuncture is a complete medical system and can help with a wide range of physical, emotional and mental conditions. The British Acupuncture Council has produced fact sheets for some (but not all) of the conditions that acupuncture can be helpful for. Read more.

Acupuncture can be used either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with conventional Western medicine. Contact Jeff to find out if acupuncture can help you.

Jeff is a wonderful therapist


“For most of my adult life migraine had been having an increasing impact on my life and on my family.”
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– Sue Hiscox

Wonderful results were achieved in a matter of weeks


“Wonderful results were achieved in a matter of weeks. It is a great relief to be free from the pain that distressed me…”
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– Neil Parry

Easy to confide in and comfortable discussing quite intimate details


“I have found Jeff easy to confide in and comfortable discussing quite intimate details in a practical manner.”
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– Caroline Elmitt